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Do You Have Paypal Ebay Holds? What Should I Sell on eBay as a Newbie? DS Domination

Do You Have Paypal Ebay Holds? What Should I Sell on eBay as a newbie? DS Domination

Today I am going to talk about what you can do to get past your eBay and paypal holds If you are a brand new seller on eBay. Ebay and paypal have a fraud protection in place to protect sellers and buyers. When eBay first started out there were sellers with 0 feedback that would list items, sell them and then take the money and run. Gone are the days of frauding eBay. 

Every new seller has to go through something called eBay/paypal holds until their account is established. First I want to tell you to not let this deter you from selling on eBay/Amazon because once you get past those holds sky is the limit to how much you can make.  I went through holds over 14-years ago and so much has changed but I am writing this post to help others and my members to get past the holds and stay focused with their goals in mind.  

Your holds will be released once you sell 25 items, $250.00 worth of goods on eBay and usually this is within 90 days of signing up as a new eBay seller. With each item you sell as long as you are diligent about uploading shipping information in your eBay back office, eBay will look at that as all good and up your selling limits little by little.  So instead of being able to list 10-20 items starting out on eBay you will be able to list 100's of items. Your funds will also be released soon after the buyer receives their item you shipped out within the time period you specified shipping those items. 

How Can I Get My Paypal Ebay Holds Lifted Sooner? 

So with all that being said here are some ideas of my own that can help you with ideas on what to sell or how to sell to get your holds lifted as soon as possible: 
1.  Sell your stuff from home. Clean out your room, attic and see what you really have not used in months or years and sell it on eBay. Remember your trash or unused goods  is somebody else's treasure.  Not that I am calling the stuff you own trash lol! You know what I mean (most of us has a lot of clutter hanging around the house that has not been used). I had sold hundreds of items from my home from shoes, clothes, coats, DVD's and a cat bed just to name a few :) 
2.  Go to your local dollar store and find trinkets or low cost items to sell for profit. Name your price and put it on eBay. No one will know you paid $1.00 for a cute coffee mug with a cute saying on it. 
3.  Sell from thrift stores or your local goodwill. Sell what is in season. If it is summer then look for items that are summer related. If a certain movie is trending in the movie theatre then people will be looking for other versions of that movie. Spiderman  is in the movie theatre right now so what do you think people are looking for on eBay for their kids?  (spiderman toys, figurines) anything that is  spiderman related, or trending at the time.  I sold a women's fur leopard coat that I bought from Goodwill for $2.99 - listed it for $259.79 and it sold the day after Christmas 2013.  I made a whooping profit of $256.78!!  That sale with the leopard coat became my eBay DS Domination facebook banner on my fan page. You can see it here

Okay, so now that I gave you some tips, don't let your paypal holds limit your possibilities to selling on eBay. Before you know it, your holds will get lifted, and you should be making some nice money with your DSD business.  
 Below is a post from our group that may help you. 

A short while back someone from our group posted this great idea to help boost sales if you're needing to get your 25 sales to get out of ebay hold.
I took this idea ran with it and for those who saw my post of 5/19 I am out of ebay jail.
The idea this person from our group gave was to find ebooks online, list them and sell them and that is what I did. Just before writing this post I went and look at my numbers of my 25 sales 14 of them were ebooks.

If you want to take this idea like I did here was what I can tell you:

1. If you look on the Internet you can find free ebooks for resale that way no charge to you. If you need to buy there are some great deals where you can find lots of books for around 5-10 dollars. Also look in your files maybe you already have some ebooks in your files. If so check to see if you can resell them.

2. When you title make sure your last word is Ebook this way they know they are getting an ebook and not a book. Also I put this in the description: This is an Ebook so please make sure you send me your best email address. When you get a sale go to the paypal email and you find their email there.

3. Shipping of course it is free and you don't have to think about sales tax either since it is an email you are sending. I sent the ebook as an attachment from one of my emails.

4. I charged 2.99 for each book. Tried higher and didn't sell and found this to be a good price. After fees I made 2.30 a book not a lot but now I can go after higher priced items since I'm out of ebay jail.

5. One last point I found self help books to be my best sellers like Think and Grow Rich.

If you decide to do this good luck and remember your main focus right now is to get those 25 sales.
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